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March 16, 2019
An interesting New Book about Billy Joel - by Jon Brett

On Sale Now! A new BILLY JOEL book spotlights musicians and fan's relationship with the 'Piano Man!' Fans are set to get a deep look into BILLY JOEL with the book, Billy Joel: Tales Of An Innocent Fan, by author Jon Brett. This book brings together a unique collection of sit-down interviews with past and present band members, exclusive photos, and stories from people whose lives have been influenced or inspired by singer / songwriter BILLY JOEL. A must read for all BILLY JOEL fans! ''If you love Billy Joel, you'll love this book'', ''If you hate Billy Joel, you'll love this book!''  Five ***** Reviews!


bd2d454e-3228-4156-a932-74c2061a4478_1_Mobile.jpg    61GGsF0nerL._AC_UL320_joel_book_Small.jpg    201da159-f0ee-4291-9fd6-10e94ecc6947_1_Mobile.jpg

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March 13, 2019
Billy Joel news.

> BILLY JOEL played to a sold-out capacity crowd (48,519) at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona on March 9, 2019. 

                                    phoenix_arizona_metroscenes.com_04_chase_field__stadium_Mobile.jpg   phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-7_chase23_Mobile.jpg

   phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-23_chase2_Mobile.jpg  phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-20_chase1_Mobile.jpg  phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-22_chase3_Mobile.jpg



> BILLY JOEL's publishing agreement with Rondor Music and Universal Music Publishing GroupWorldwide (UMPG), that he signed in 2012, has expired. He has signed a new multi-million $$$ deal with Epic Rights and Dreamer Media who obtain the rights to all BILLY JOEL tours, retail, licensing and e-commerce.