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April 1, 2021
Billy Joel news.

Although posted on April 1, 2021 (April Fool's Day) this is no prank. The 'Glass House' is for sale! Yes, that 'Glass House'. The one that BILLY JOEL and first wife Elizabeth Weber owned from the late 1970's to the early 1980's, and used for BILLY JOEL's 1980 'Glass Houses' album cover. This estate, high on Coppers Bluff in Cove Neck, Long Island, N.Y., was famous long before BILLY JOEL moved in, with ties to the Roosevelts. Put up for sale several years back for $12,000,000 million, it has since been reduced in price and relisted for 'only'...  $8,900,000 million. (Property taxes: $128,000 thousand per year)
Fact: Billy Joel bought this house for $300,000 thousand in the late 1970's. 



                                                            Photo: Taken on 12/20/78 by Dick Kraus / Newsday RM via Getty Images


                         Actual real estate listing. Read history and description of estate with 19 interior photos.

March 28, 2021
Billy Joel news.

                                                       Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty Images

                                   Billy Joel was married four times. Who were Billy Joel's four spouses?

March 1, 2021
Billy Joel news.

After BILLY JOEL's departure from 'The Hassles' to start his solo career, he recorded his 'first' album, 'Cold Spring Harbor' in 1971. This album would be the 'first' of many albums BILLY JOEL would record in his career. You could say this album was the foundation, his 'first' attempt, at becoming the super-star he is today. But does anyone remember the 'original' band members that were instrumental in facilitating BILLY JOEL's career? You may remember BILLY JOEL's former band members from the mid 70's and early 80's, who were instrumental in BILLY JOEL selling 150 million albums, and later formed the band, 'The Lords of 52nd Street'. And the band members BILLY JOEL has with him today, have been with him for decades. Although the're all great musicans, none of them (excluding Mark Rivera) were instrumental in BILLY JOEL's early career. But they know the cords and the notes to his songs. But BILLY JOEL's 'original' band members who helped BILLY JOEL launch his solo career are all but forgotten. I only mention this because one of the 'original' band members reached out to me, BILLY JOEL's 'original' bass player, Larry Russell. Larry sent me the photo below, and a audio recording of BILLY JOEL's 'original' band playing, 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' at the Mar Y Sol festival in Puerto Rico in 1972. This photo and recording can be found on the internet. But getting them e-mailed to me from 'original' band member Larry Russell himself, to me, is beyond words.   

                          1972 Photo taken by: Rhys Clark (Billy Joel's 'original' drummer)
                          From left to right. Irwin Mazur's wife. Irwin Mazur, manager of 'The Hassles', and the
                          executive producer of the 'Cold Spring Harbor' album. Annie, (Brian Ruggles girlfriend).
                          Elizabeth Weber Small, (Billy Joel's girlfriend). Larry Russell, ('original' bass guitarist).
                          Alan Hertzberg, back towards camera, ('original' lead guitarist). And Billy Joel. 


                                                                         'Original' BAND MEMBERS

                              Billy Joel, piano / Larry Russell, bass / Rhys Clark, drums / Alan Hertzberg, guitar.                                                                                                                                    



February 8, 2021
Billy Joel news.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we're begining to see the light at the end of this concert drought tunnel. As vaccines become more available, and people get vaccinated, life should be returning to some kind of normalcy by autumn of 2021. And BILLY JOEL thinks the same, which brings us to 'live' concerts! I live on Long Island, New York, so Madison Square Garden is where I go. Besides, BILLY JOEL plays there once a month! His next scheduled concert @ MSG is on November 5, 2021. Read BILLY JOEL's hope in returning to 'live' shows once again in 2021, and watch the short video below!


                                                        A 'live' video clip of BILLY JOEL's 'Piano Man' @ MSG. 
                                                           Video: John Marchut. (Recorded on May 9, 2014) 



January 10, 2021
Billy Joel news.

BILLY JOEL's wife, Alexis Roderick-Joel is a accomplished equestrian, and competes in > amateur hunter in Bridgehampton, Long Island. And she is also grooming their young daughter's to ride as well.


But in the winter, BILLY JOEL heads down to Florida, to his Florida mansion, to get away from New York's harsh winter weather. A year after marrying Alexis, BILLY JOEL purchased a 10 acre horse farm, with stables, in Wellington, Florida for 7.1 million dollars (shown below) for his wife, because of her love of horses and riding. And, to board the horses they now own.


But in the summertime, BILLY JOEL spends his time on Long Island, New York where he owns two more houses. One in Sag Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. the other, his primary residence, on Centre Island, New York (shown below). Last year, BILLY JOEL bought the adjoining property next to his Centre Island estate to expand his property to over 20 acres. And has since applied for a permit to build stables and board horses on this property, so they don't have to travel to the east end of Long Island, where their horses were board during the summer. Read full story > here


December 22, 2020
Billy Joel news.

      BILLY JOEL fan Mike Stutz, at BILLY JOEL 'locations'! 


      Mike Stutz on location. Basketball court next to 308 West 17th St., New York City. Intro location to 'My Life' video.

            BILLY JOEL's debut album. Released November 1, 1971.        Mike Stutz on location. Cold Spring Harbor,
                                                                                                                Long Island, New York.

                      BILLY JOEL's 'Streetlife Serenade' album cover, painted from a corner intersection located at 651
                      South Centre Street in San Pedro, CA. (Art cover by Brain Hagiwara)


                    Mike DelGuidice of 'Big Shot' / BILLY JOEL band member.                   Mike Stutz      Mike DelGuidice


              Mike Stutz on location at 20 Meeting Lane, Hicksville, Long Island, New York. BILLY JOEL's childhood house!

                                                     BILLY JOEL'S 'Turnstiles' album, released on May 19, 1976.

                                       BILLY JOEL's 'Turnstiles' album cover taken at Astor Place Subway Station,                                                                               (8th St. and Forth Ave.) New York City. Mike Stutz on location. 

BILLY JOEL's 'Glass Houses' album released on March 12, 1980.      The 'Glass House'! BILLY JOEL lived here with first
                                                                                                                wife, Elizabeth Weber (Small) from the mid 1970's
                                                                                                                to the early 1980's. House located in Cove Neck,
                                                                                                                Long Island, New York. Mike Stutz on location.                                                                                                                                                               

       BILLY JOEL's 'Innocent Man' released on August 8, 1983.          Album cover photo taken at 142 Mercer St, New York
                                                                                                               City. Mike Stutz on location. 

                                       And before BILLY JOEL's solo career, and Attila... 

                            ...there were 'The Hassles' (1964 - 1969) on the United Artists Record Label.

                        Mike Stutz on location. Photos taken in Central Park, New York City by the Bow Bridge, 74th St.   


                                                'Original' album photo (benches and sidewalk edited from photo)
                                   Left to right: Richard McKenna, Howie Blauvelt, Jon Small, John Dizek, Billy Joel.


December 8, 2020
Billy Joel news.

               Photos of BILLY JOEL, as the years go 'bye'.  



December 2, 2020
Billy Joel news.

                                     ♫ The magic of BILLY JOEL music ♫




November 24, 2020
Billy Joel news.

                                       BILLY JOEL - Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                                        Photo: John Marchut  11/15/19 - MSG


November 21, 2020
Billy Joel news.

Today, after I got my chores done, I took a ride to BILLY JOEL's motorcycle showroom in Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y.
I live 10 minutes away, so I go there all the time hoping to run into BILLY JOEL. The showroom is only open to the public on weekends. So the photo shown is probably someone you'll never meet. Let me explain. The showroom is chaperoned on weekends. But today, Saturday 11/21/20, she was unavailable to work. So BILLY JOEL's personal motorcycle mechanic 'Alex' was there watching shop. He's usually only there Monday-Friday when the shop is closed to the public so he can repair, modify, refurbish and upkeep BILLY JOEL's collection of motorcycles. Walking into the showroom, I noticed the place was empty and nobody else walked in, so I was able to talk to 'Alex' for about 15-20 minutes, until he got an important phone call. And that's when I made my exit, waving good-bye. But here's an exclusive selfie of me and 'Alex', BILLY JOEL's personal motorcycle mechanic, that most people will never get a chane to meet. (Alex on left, me on right) 

                                                      Photo: John Marchut


November 18, 2020
Billy Joel news.

Below is one of my old ticket stubs from a BILLY JOEL concert, from 41 YEARS AGO! Look at the price, $12.50! Nowadays, one beer at the concert cost that much! lol                                 


November 3, 2020
Billy Joel latest news.

        A Parody of BILLY JOEL's 'For The Longest Time'  


        A Short Ditty of BILLY JOEL's 'Tell Her About It'
                             By Sharon Brett-Boden


October 25, 2020
Billy Joel news.

BILLY JOEL spotted cruising around on the east end of Long Island, New York on Saturday, October 24, 2020. Photographed by Matt Agudo, while Billy takes a cigar break. 



October 6, 2020
Billy Joel news.

1 year ago this month, BILLY JOEL played a Halloween themed concert at New York's MSG on October 25, 2019! 



                       'Addams Family Theme Song' 

                           'Werewolves of London'                                           

September 17, 2020
Billy Joel news.

Singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson, who was raised in Merrick, Long Island, N.Y. recieved a 'Happy Birthday' phone call last week from fellow Long Islander, BILLY JOEL! Debbie Gibson who turned 50 on August 31, 2020, has shared the stage with BILLY JOEL and they have remained friends throughout the years! Watch 'video' of phone call from BILLY JOEL to Debbie Gibson, on her recent 50th Birthday!