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April 5, 2017
Billy Joel to open NEW Nassau Coliseum on Long Island!

After 2 years and a $165 million renovation, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Long Island, New York will re-open with a BILLY JOEL 
concert! BILLY JOEL played the last show there before it closed for major renovations on August 4, 2015, (which I attended). A special
ceremony was held Monday night (4/3/2017) at the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum celebrating BILLY JOEL. A banner was raised in Joel's
honor, hanging in the rafters, and salutes what will be his 33 sold-out show at this venue. See 
an exclusive interview with News 12's, Elisa 
DiStefano, as she interviews Billy during the special ceremony with BILLY JOEL reminiscing about Long Island's Coliseum.

March 26, 2017
Billy Joel adds 44th show @ MSG & may semi-retire!

BILLY JOEL adds his 44th consecutive concert @ New York's Madison Square Garden, his 90th overall at this venue! For a musician who hasn't
released a new album in 24 years, BILLY JOEL manages to keep pretty busy. He's got his monthly residency at Madison Square Garden and 
performs to sold-out stadiums all over the country. Although there's no shortage of fans who want to see his show, the 'Piano Man' says it may
time to think about cutting back his schedule. "I don't know that I'm going to be able to continue selling out shows at The Garden", he tells 
Newsday (Long Island's newspaper) adding, "Eventually there has to be an end to the arc. It has to start dissipating, and when we get an 
indication of that we'll probably fold the tent. I don't know when that will be". He adds, "I'm probably going to start playing less and less gigs. 
Right now, we do a Garden show once a month and probably two other shows in other places around the country. I mean, I've got a new baby
and I'm trying to [spend more time] having a personal life. So I'm looking for less work. It feels like I'm entited". And adds, "I've been
working my whole life. It's time to slow down. But as long as people want to see us, I suppose I should concider continuing". he tells Newsday.
"The only thing that would hinder me from doing it would be my own physicality, because there's a lot of physicality involved". Let's face it,
BILLY JOEL is 67 years old, and he's not going to perform forever. 
If his concert comes near your area, do see his show. At New York's Madison 
Square Garden, which he plays once a month, see his show at least once iyou can, because eventually, BILLY JOEL will stop perfroming live
and retire. 
He's giving us all a hint! Seeing a BILLY JOEL concert should be on your Bucket List!



March 9, 2017
Special guests @ BILLY JOEL's 39th concert @ New York's MSG!

On BILLY JOEL's 39th concecutive concert @ New York's Madison Square Garden, March 3, 2017, special guests make a surprise appearance 
and perform with him! John Mellencamp shows up and sings 'The Authority Song' and the 1960's rock group 'The Young Rascals' sing
Good Lovinwith BILLY JOEL ! You just never know who's going to show up at one of his concerts!                                                                                        


                                                                                     Photo: Myrna M. Suarez / Getty images   Videos: Rob Shanberg


February 26, 2017
Billy Joel News.

BILLY JOEL has added a 43rd consecutive concert at New York's Madison Square Garden! This will be BILLY JOEL's 89th show (over-all) 
at this venue! Tickets go on sale at 10am March 3, 2017 through Ticketmaster. Prices range from $65.50 to 129.50. This show will surely
sell-out, FAST!
                                                                                        New York novita01.gif BILLY JOEL!


February 11, 2017
Billy Joel plays the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans!

BILLY JOEL proves he's 'The Entertainer', of New Orleans! On Friday, February 10, 2017 in a 2 & 1/2 hour marathon set, BILLY JOEL had the
20,000 plus crowd at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, on their feet, singing BILLY JOEL songs with BILLY JOEL!   
BILLY JOEL's songs and voice, (at age 67) are still in fine form! And, at some moments his younger days resurface, as they did during this
show, when during a rousing 'It's Still Rock And Roll To Me', he twirled the mic stand like a majorette does her baton in a Mardi Gras parade,
finally tossing it across the stage to a roadie! And, BILLY JOEL took full advantage of the musical history of New Orleans and played,
'Iko Iko', 'Born On The Bayou', 'House Of The Rising Sun', 'When The Saints Come Marching In' and a funked-out version of LaBelle's 
'Lady Marmalade', which was recorded at Sea-Saint Studios in Gentilly, New Orleans. It was as New Orleans as it gets!
 And in between his
tributes to New Orleans BILLY JOEL played his own hits, such as the show's opener, 'My Life', to the final number, 'You May Be Right'!
It was a show the attendees will not soon forget! ('We Didn't Start The Fire', recorded 'Live' on February 10, 2017, New Orleans)
('Uptown Girl', recorded 'Live' on February 10, 2017, New Orleans) ('New York State Of Mind', recorded 'Live' on February 10, 2017, New Orleans)


January 7, 2017
Billy Joel News!

BILLY JOEL, a top recording artist in the 1970's and 80's, has enjoyed a resurgence in his music / popularity in the last couple of years.
He recently 
added his 41st consecutive concert at New York's Madison Square Garden (a record) and his 87th overall (a record) at this
venue! Well this spring / summer 2017, BILLY JOEL
will host a slew of concerts (six shows so far) in major baseball stadiums across the
U.S.A.! Personally speaking, if you can get tickets to one of his concerts (they sell out in minutes) do see his show! See BILLY JOEL concert
tour dates
on this website to see where he's playing near you!

December 17, 2016
Billy Joel News!

Due to popular demand, BILLY JOEL has added a record-setting 40th show at New York's Madison Square Garden, his 86th
overall concert at this venue! "As long as there is a ticket demand, we'll keep playing" - BILLY JOEL


December 3, 2016
I was @ Billy Joel's 35th consecutive concert @ MSG!

On November 30, 2016 I was at New York's Madison Square Garden for BILLY JOEL's 35th consecutive concert at this venue!
Look at this ticket carefully, notice anything peculiar?
 This ticket was comp to me by a well known 'Entertainer', but...
I'm sworn to secrecy!


                                                  BILLY             FullSizeRender_6.jpg             JOEL                                                           

                                         20161130_193503_Mobile_Custom.jpg   20161130_205656_Mobile.jpg   20161130_214342_Mobile_Custom.jpg                                         

                                             BILLY JOEL's Home: New York's Madison Square Garden (Video - 20:59min)


November 20, 2016
Billy Joel News!

This month, November 3rd to be exact, BILLY JOEL gave an impromptu performance at L'Escale restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut.
BILLY played a small piece on the house piano, much to the surprise of people dining on lunch. JOEL frequents Greenwich on his 57-foot
yacht the Vendetta. BILLY JOEL lives across the Long Island Sound on Centre Island which is about 11 nautical miles from Greenwich,
Connecticut. (Video 1:14 min)


October 30, 2016
Billy Joel News!

BILLY JOEL is voting for Hillary Clinton for President - but he's not exactly asking his fans to join the chorus. The Long Island 'Piano Man'
told the N.Y. Daily News, in an e-mail, he's casting his ballot for the Democratic presidential candidate in next week's election, though he
made it clear he doesn't want his political preference to affect how his fans vote. BILLY JOEL said, "I have no desire to influence anyone
to think as I do", Joel told the N.Y. Daily News through his publicist. BILLY JOEL continues and says,"My personal opinion shouldn't matter
to anyone with their own free will ".   

October 12, 2016
Local Billy Joel News!

BILLY JOEL played the last concert at Long Islands' Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in August 2015 before it closed for a $260 million
dollar renovation. Well, with renovations almost complete, BILLY JOEL will play the first show at the renovated venue on April 5, 2016.
Tickets for this show will go on sale this Friday October 14, 2016 @ 10:00am ! Good luck getting tickets!

September 30, 2016
Billy Joel news !

BILLY JOEL is recovering from endoscopic sinus surgery. His scheduled September 30, 2016 concert tonight, at New York's Madison Square
Garden, has been cancelled and rescheduled to November 21, 2016. The procedure will require him to rest his voice and avoid any strenuous
activity. With several weeks of rest, he is expected to make a full recovery. BILLY JOEL will return to the stage on October 28, 2016 in New

September 17, 2016
Local BILLY JOEL sighting!

I live in Bayville, Long Island, New York and BILLY JOEL owns a mansion two miles away in Centre Island. (Click Photo Album #2 to see map)
He is often seen riding one of his many motorcycles thru town. Well tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to treat myself to a lobster.
As I was entering the local fish store BILLY JOEL was walking out, (Billy loves his clams) practically hit each others shoulders as we
passed through the front entrance, I said, "Hey Billy", but he just ignored me. Below is a photo I took of him looking out of the store window.
(Photo: John Marchut)




July 4, 2016
America is 240 years old today, Billy's Joel's 4th marriage, 1 year today!

BILLY JOEL got married for the fourth time, one year ago today! BILLY JOEL and future wife, Alexis Roderick, got married last year at BILLY
JOEL's annual 4th of July party to the surprise of unexpecting guests! For the seventh year in a row now, BILLY JOEL throws a 4th of July
party (Independence Day) at his estate on Centre Island, Long Island, New York. (Photos of estate can be seen on this website, as well as,
last years Blog of affair one year ago today). Regular guests include, The King of all media, Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky, comedian
and actor Kevin James, Billy Joel's 30 year old daughter, Alexa Ray, (from his second marriage to Christie Brinkley) and New York Governor
Andrew Cuomo, who is Godfather to Billy and Alexis's daughter, Della Rose. Congratultions to Billy and Alexis on their one year Anniversary,
and Happy Birthday to America!



June 25, 2016
Billy Joel makes a surprise appearance!

BILLY JOEL surprises fans at The Paramount Theater in Huntington, Long Island, New York! Last night, 6/24/16, BILLY JOEL made a surprise
appearance at a BILLY JOEL tribute band, 'Big Shot' concert! Nobody noticed BILLY JOEL and his wife, Alexis Roderick, sitting in the VIP
section, when unexpectedly, BILLY JOEL walks on stage to join the band for a three-song set! The audience went wild! Joel jammed on covers
of The Beatles', "With a Little Help From My Friends" (Joe Cocker style), The Rolling Stones', "Honky Tonk Women" and wrapped it up with his
own hit song,
"You May Be Right", which Joel blended with Led Zeppelin's, "Rock & Roll"! It was a night the attending audience will not soon

                                                                             The Paramount Theater, June 24, 2016
                                                                             Photo: Wayne Herrschaft