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March 26, 2017
Billy Joel adds 44th show @ MSG & may semi-retire!

BILLY JOEL adds his 44th consecutive concert @ New York's Madison Square Garden, his 90th overall at this venue! For a musician who hasn't released a new album in 24 years, BILLY JOEL manages to keep pretty busy. He's got his monthly residency at Madison Square Garden and performs to sold-out stadiums all over the country. Although there's no shortage of fans who want to see his show, the 'Piano Man' says it may be time to think about cutting back his schedule. "I don't know that I'm going to be able to continue selling out shows at The Garden", he tells Newsday (Long Island's newspaper) adding, "Eventually there has to be an end to the arc. It has to start dissipating, and when we get an indication of that we'll probably fold the tent. I don't know when that will be". He adds, "I'm probably going to start playing less and less gigs. Right now, we do a Garden show once a month and probably two other shows in other places around the country. I mean, I've got a new baby now and I'm trying to [spend more time] having a personal life. So I'm looking for less work. It feels like I'm entited". And adds, "I've been working my whole life. It's time to slow down. But as long as people want to see us, I suppose I should concider continuing", he tells Newsday, "The only thing that would hinder me from doing it would be my own physicality, because there's a lot of physicality involved". Let's face it, BILLY JOEL is 67 years old, and he's not going to perform forever. If his concert comes near your area, do see his show. At New York's Madison Square Garden, which he plays once a month, see his show at least once iyou can, because eventually, BILLY JOEL will stop perfroming live and retire. He's giving us all a hint! Seeing a BILLY JOEL concert should be on your Bucket List!



March 9, 2017
Special guests @ BILLY JOEL's 39th concert @ New York's MSG!

On BILLY JOEL's 39th concecutive concert @ New York's Madison Square Garden, March 3, 2017, special guests make a surprise appearance and perform with him! John Mellencamp shows up and sings 'The Authority Song' and the 1960's rock group 'The Young Rascals' sing 'Good Lovinwith BILLY JOEL ! You just never know who's going to show up at one of his concerts!                                                                                        


                                                                       Photo: Myrna M. Suarez / Getty images   Videos: Rob Shanberg