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February 11, 2019
Grammy Awards, 2019.

The 61st GRAMMY Awards were broadcast 'live' February 10, 2019 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California after being held last year at New York's Madison Square Garden. In this era, the GRAMMY's are dominated by Rap / Hip-hop. But back in the day when Rock n' Roll was dominate, BILLY JOEL, through the years, was nominated 23 times for a GRAMMY Award and won 6 of them!   



Won GRAMMY Award in 1979 for Record of the Year, 'The Stranger'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1979 for Song of the Year, 'Just The Way You Are'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1980 for Album of the Year, '52nd Street'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1980 for Best Pop Vocal Performance - Male (52nd Street)
Won GRAMMY Award in 1981 for Best Rock Vocal Performance - Male (Glass Houses)
Won GRAMMY Legend Award in 1992.

February 3, 2019
Billy Joel gives away front row tickets to his true fans?








Absolutely no one can obtain tickets to the first two rows of a BILLY JOEL concert! Apparently, it enraged Billy to know that his fans were being kept from enjoying his shows at a price he thought was fair, because scalpers and scammers were putting these choice seats out of price range for most people. ''I'd look down and see rich people sitting there, I call 'em 'gold chainers'. Sitting there puffing on a cigar, 'entertain me, piano man'. They don't stand up, make noise, they just sit there with their bouffant haired girlfriend lookin' like a big shot. I kinda got sick of that''. So, Joel decided to do something about it. ''We now hold those tickets, and I send my road crew to the back of the concert venues and they get people from the worst seats, way in the back, and bring 'em to the front rows''. These true fans, ''Make the most noise, they're the most enthusiastic'', he says. BILLY JOEL believes it's given his shows a new sort of energy.