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July 19, 2018
Billy Joel's 100th MSG concert.

BILLY JOEL performed his 100th career concert at New York's Madison Square Garden on July 18, 2018. I attended this milestone event,
and here are some photos and a video snippet that I took of the show, as well as, other photographers.

    BILLY JOEL arrives by limo at New York's Madison Square Garden, for his record-breaking 100th concert. 
                                                                                        Photo: Alexis (Roderick) Joel

                 IMG_0135.jpg            thumbnail_billyjoel_100.jpg             IMG_0137.jpg             
                 Photo: John Marchut                                      Photo: John Marchut                        Photo: John Marchut               


             IMG_0159.jpg       IMG_0200.jpg        IMG_0178.jpg   
             Photo: John Marchut                            Photo: John Marchut                                   Photo: John Marchut

             image_msgceo_jamesdolan_alexis_billy_nygov_andrewmcuomo_Custom_Mobile.jpg     image_billyjoel_plaque100_Custom_Mobile.jpg     image_billyjoel100_Custom_Mobile.jpg
MSG-CEO James Dolan, Alexis, Billy,     Photo: Corey Sipkin                                 Photo: Bruce Gilbert
             N.Y. Gov Andrew Cuomo
             Photo: Corey Sipkin

             79965-show-94987_msg100_Mobile.jpg     image_billyjoel100_Mobile_2.jpg     151120_msg_mar_600px_msg100_Mobile.jpg   
         Photo: Bruce Gilbert                                Photo: Bruce Gilbert                               Photo: Bruce Gilbert




               Video: (1:17min) The raising of the banner to commemorate Billy Joel's 100th concert at Madison Square Garden.



July 15, 2018
After a 3-gig European tour, Billy Joel is...

After a 3-gig European tour, (Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, U.K. on June 16, 2018. Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, on June 23, 2018
and Volkspark Stadium, Hamburg, Germany on June 30, 2018) BILLY JOEL is back in the States and preparing for his record-breaking 100th 
lifetime concert at New York's Madison Square Garden! This concert is to be held on July 18, 2018 @ 8 P.M. (And I'm going to the show!
Yes, I have tickets to this SOLD OUT concert, 17th row, section 109, right next to the stage!) Special guests are sure to show up to help 
Billy celebrate this milestone achivement, which will likely never be duplicated! And, BILLY JOEL is still in strong demand in New York and
will probably keep selling sold-out shows to his monthly MSG concerts for a couple of years to come!
Visit later this
week for posted stories, photos and videos of this concert!