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> Take the BILLY JOEL photo tour and see 'early / rare' photos of BILLY JOEL from the 1950's thru the 1980's, with photos up to the present! See over a 180+ 'unique', 'significant' and 'exclusive' photos from BILLY JOEL's life! This BILLY JOEL Photo Website will take you on a photographical journey of BILLY JOEL's life, as told in pictures! All photos are actual, factual and 100% authentic! After viewing tour, visit the other pages on this website, such as, the intriguing BILLY JOEL Trivia Questions! Know the words to his songs from the BILLY JOEL Song Lyrics page! Watch the vintage BILLY JOEL Music Video's! Or read about the latest news on The BILLY JOEL Blog & explore the ARCHIVES!

> FIRST, checkout the Preview Photos! This will give you an idea of the photos you will see on this BILLY JOEL Photo Website. Then view Photo Album's 1, 2 and 3, preferably in numerical order. These '3-Albums' are the abbreviated photo tour of BILLY JOEL's life! Also view the Early BILLY JOEL Photos page, when he 'wore a younger man's clothes'! And finally, see the photos that fans have sent in on The Fan Photos page! So take the BILLY JOEL photo tour and see...

> Photos of a bashful Billy, a biker Billy and Billy brunching in Bayville, Long Island, New York all 'incognito'! See photos of BILLY JOEL's childhood house, which was located in Hicksville, Long Island, New York! Billy's old hangout, the 'Village Green'! BILLY JOEL's personal motorcycle shop in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York! The famous 'Italian restaurant'! BILLY JOEL's former and current estates and mansions! And see BILLY JOEL's athentic autographs! As well as, the 'rare' and 'early' photos!

> See where it all began! In Photo Album 1, view inspiring Cold Spring Harbor (title of his first solo album) and the 'BILLY JOEL Cold Spring Harbor park' in picturesque Long Island, New York! His childhood home, the famous 'Village Green', 'The town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island', BILLY JOEL in concert at New York's Madison Square Garden... and more!

> In Photo Album 2, see photos of BILLY JOEL's past / present estates! See 'actual' / 'exclusive' photos of the 'Glass House' made famous by BILLY JOEL's 1980 album cover, of the same name, located in Cove Neck, Long Island, New York! BILLY JOEL lived here from the late 1970's to the early 1980's with 1st ex-wife, Elizabeth (Weber) Small. Also seen on website, Coopers bluff estate. Also in album 2, see photos of the estate / mansion he shared with 2nd ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, located in Lloyd Neck, Long Island, New York! And, see his current estate / mansion that 3rd ex-wife Katie Lee was married at, and lived in, for several years! BILLY JOEL still resides there, but now with 4th wife Alexis Roderick and their 2 year old daughter Della Rose, and recently newborn, Remy Anne, BILLY JOEL's 3rd daughter! (See photo in October, 24, 2017 blog)

> In the popular Photo Album 3, see the famous 'Italian restaurant'! Authentic BILLY JOEL autograph's that he signed back in 1977, before he was famous! Read about the chance encounters in this album! Also, view exterior / interior photos of his personal motorcycle shop in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York! As well as, photos of Billy 'incognito'! BILLY JOEL has posted one of the autographs he signed, on HIS website! > media > photos > collectible gallery. Over 27,000 fans th_facebook-like-button.jpg !

> Read the BILLY JOEL Trivia Questions and see how many you can get right! Read about little known facts with revealing answers! A MUST READ! (These questions are hard to answer, even for the hard-core fan). For easier questions, BILLY JOEL trivia.

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